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Legacy Newsletter

Welcome to our Legacy Newsletter! Here, you can read about our events through the years. If you want to receive a hard copy, then subscribe or call us to learn more.

Issue Vol 1 No 8 January 2021

Think Global, Act Local

Big things are happening in 2022. See what we're planning to do for the new year here.

Head Up (1).jpg
You Ain't Looking (1).jpg

Issue Vol 1 No 7 December 2021

The 80th Anniversary Pearl Harbor and the Outbreak of WWII in the Pacific

A Memorial to our Cmdr. Emeterio Corpuz 1924-2021. View this day here.

Issue Vol 1 No 6 November 2021

Thank You Front Liners

It's Thanksgiving week! See us celebrate a day dedicated to our front liners.

Thanksgiving Party (1).jpg
Stand Up (1).jpg

Issue Vol 1 No 5 October 2021

Leyte Landing and the Medal of Appreciation

Commemorating the day the United States landed on Leyte in the Philippines. 

Issue Vol 1 No 4 September 2021

Outreach for Health

We gave recognition to the high school students who volunteered last summer. See how they helped the foundation.

The Kids Are Back.jpg
Aight (1).jpg

Issue Vol 1 No 3 August 2021

Safety First!

Find how the ERB Foundation was able to help a church in preparation for their grand event.

Issue Vol 1 No 2 July 2021

Honoring The Legacy of Freedom

See this spectacular occasion as we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the USAFFE!

Old USAFFE.jpg
65520096_1066226130234569_4943175644486828032_n (1).jpg

Premiere Issue Vol 1 No 1 June 2021


Read our very first issue of the Legacy Newsletter! Here, we focus on the day celebrating our fathers.

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